MimoUSA Real Carbon Fiber Door Pillars
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MimoUSA Gloss Black Pillars
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MimoUSA Chrome Door Pillars
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180 Suicide Conversion Kit
$390.15 $599.00
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Gull Wing Door Kit
... door hinges and replaces them with a new hinge that allows the doors to swing up parallel with the ground. There are two different brands of this product. The Autoloc and the MimoUSA gull wing doors they work just a little differently so make sure you know the difference before purchasing. Autoloc ...
$390.15 $599.00
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MimoUSA Scissor Slide Kit
... door a little to the side and swing it up. It swings up 90 degrees so you don't have to crawl into the car, you simply open it, get in, and close it. When are you are ready to come out then open it again and get out without breaking your back. The vertical door system has four adjustable points on t ...
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GT Factory Struts
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MimoUSA SLR Vertical Door Kit
The presentation of a show-car vehicle takes more preparation than most can expect. Transforming its stock origin into a revolutionary masterpiece primarily consists of the process of uniquely disguising a vehicle. From a long-time professional's perspective, the MimoUSA Gull-Wing SLR Style Door Kit ...
From: $390.15  


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Automatic Lambo Door Addon Kit
2 Linear actuator 1 Shared Door Kit (2pcs Solenoid, 2 door poppers, 1pc remote operation) 1pc Automatic Power Control Module Relays, Wiring, Switches, Installation hardware
$764.15 $1,099.00
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MimoUSA DragonFly Door Kit
After years of automotive experience involving modifications, car shows, revolutionary product introduction & creation, and plainly investing our expertise, the secret of developing the perfect show car can be broken down into two words; breaking tradition. The introduction of the DragonFly Vertical ...
$390.15 $599.00
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